Power Dialer the Cost effective alternative to a Predictive Dialer
Predictive Dialers past their sell-by date?

Predictive Dialers may save maximise Agent time - but at the expense of the call recipients.

Under this new legislation our Power Dialer solutions outperform Predictive Dialers at a fraction of the cost.

Power Dialer enables Answering Machine Detection/handling without needing the delay.

Integrates seamlessly with GoldMine 5.x, GoldMine 6.x, GoldMine 7.x, GoldMine BCM Standard Edition, GoldMine Sales and Marketing, GoldMine BCM Corporate Edition and GoldMine Premium Edition. 

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Further to the precedent set in California, Predictive Dialers are being outlawed by telecoms regulators around the globe. Power Dialers are unaffected by these regulations as they do not treat call recipients with such disregard. 

Papillon Technology welcome this move which will help to stem the dramatic growth in numbers of telephone numbers being added to "do not call" lists as a result of unscrupulous companies with no regard for call recipient's or the industry as a whole.

The regulations effectively put an end to the overpriced solutions that Predictive Dialer manufacturers have delivered to their customers in the past and open the way for Power Dialer solutions to lead the market, whilst treating call recipients with respect.

The need for this legislation has come about because Predictive Dialers abandon calls in various situations such as the following~

  • Hang up when recipients answer because no agents are available.

  • Delay the transfer of the connected call to an agent. 

  • Play a recorded greeting to the recipient then hang up.

  • Play a recorded greeting then delay the transfer of the connected call to an agent.

This is totally contrary to GoldMine user's goal of "Maximising Agent Productivity" whilst  "Optimising the Customer Experience"

The legislation states that Predictive Dialers must not exceed the following abandoned call rates for live calls

  • 3% effective 1 July 2002

  • 1% effective 1 Jan 2003

The agenda item which the CPUC commissioners voted unanimously to approve on 28 June 02 was this:

"Effective July 1, 2002, the allowable 'error rate' will be 3% of all predictive dialer calls answered by a live person. An "error" is defined as a call answered by a live person in which (1) the predictive dialer disconnects the call after the called party has answered, or (2) the called party does not receive a response from the calling agent or telemarketer within two seconds of the called party's completed greeting, or, alternatively, no agent or telemarketer is available within four seconds of the called party's telephone going off-hook. The four-second off-hook standard is a transitional one that will be phased out in six months. The "acceptable error rate" will be reduced to 1% on January 1, 2003, although this standard is subject to further review in an industry workshop that will be conducted by the Telecommunications Division within 90 days." 

To see how our Power Dialer solutions can provide similar levels of performance to Predictive Dialers whilst adhering to regulations and at a fraction of the cost, click here.

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