Power Dialer the Cost effective alternative to a Predictive Dialer


Power Dialer for GoldMine. - Double your agent call rates overnight!


Power Dialer for GoldMine.. - 

Designed for productivity


Absolutely the fastest way for individuals   and teams to dial through a call list


The outbound dialer for ALL versions of GoldMine. (2015, 2014, 2013, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5)


Power Dialing delivers a 200% increase in call rates at a fraction of the cost of a Predictive dialer.


Integrates seamlessly with GoldMine..


Supervisor Control of user settings and performance statistics.


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Need a Predictive Dialer? - Think again! 

Power Dialer for GoldMine.. enables GoldMine.. users to work through their telephone calls quickly and automatically, using either calls scheduled in the user's activity list or calls based on an active GoldMine.. Filter or Group. 

Once installed and configured Power Dialer for GoldMine.. becomes an integral part of GoldMine. and enables users to automatically acquire a call list. Just right click on the system tray icon, select Acquire List. Then click Start Power Dialer - it will then automatically dial and connect all scheduled calls.


Call Centre Technology for Teams

As a call is dialed, the called party's GoldMine.. record is automatically presented, allowing you full access to the your client’s details. According to your choice, as the call is connected or terminated, the complete call dialog box will appear. Fields including Call Duration, Reference, and Result Code etc. are automatically populated, allowing quick and easy call completion. Make any changes required and then click OK. The call details are inserted automatically into your client's GoldMine.. History. Scheduled calls are completed in the users calendar or call list with all the details including exact duration. The next connected call is then presented to the user and the sequence starts over again. The statistical analysis within GoldMine.. allows you to monitor and compare agent performance.

Power Dialer is so smoothly integrated into GoldMine.. that you will wonder how you managed without it! It's like having your own personal predictive dialer.

Flexible user options will allow both systems administrators and managers to control the way that calls are presented, timed and completed for different team members. Power Dialer will work with any Tapi compliant telephony hardware and provides the fastest way to complete your scheduled call list, or make and control outbound call campaigns with GoldMine...


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To request an evaluation copy of Power Dialer, please email us using this link click here. Please include details of your specific version of GoldMine.., and your Telephone System make and model.


To view examples of supported telephone systems for Power Dialer click here.


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Seamless Integration to ALL versions of GoldMine..

Simple to Install and Use


Stage 1. Configure Dial Settings.

Stage 2. Decide on how to acquire calls into your Call Queue.

Stage 3. Configure DIalog Box Options

Stage 4. Configure Auto-Completion Options.


Stage 5. Alternatively, users can use a simplified configuration utility.

Stage 6.  Start Power Dialer. As each call is connected Power Dialer displays a Complete Call Dialog Box or even a Telemarketing Script


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