GoldMine & Linked Document Management


A specialist Utility to help you manage network infrastructure  changes for GoldMine 5.x, GoldMine 6.x, GoldMine 7.x, GoldMine BCM Standard Edition, GoldMine Sales and Marketing and GoldMine BCM Corporate Edition.

Can be used again and again when setting up remote sites and laptops.

Can be used with Call Recorder for GoldMine to delete unwanted recordings matching certain criteria.

Ideal for first time synchronizations.

Part of a suite of Integrated Utilities to help manage your GoldMine installation.

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What’s it for?
When making changes to your network infrastructure Linked Document tags inside GoldMine often need to be changed to reflect the new location of the documents. This utility replaces existing URLs, drive letters and paths with new ones once documents have been moved. The alternative to this would be to find each tag manually and change it. This utility is also ideal for first time synchronization involving Linked Documents. Instead of including them in a lengthy process of creating a large transfer set, and then extracting it, simply synchronize the tags, copy the files to the remote destination and update the tags with the Linked Documents Manager - it's fully sync aware!

To download the Linked Document Manager for GoldMine 5.x click here.

To download the Linked Document Manager for GoldMine 6.x click here.

To download the Linked Document Manager for GoldMine 7.x click here.


 Linked Documents Manager will help you manage network infrastructure changes in your GoldMine Databases

Linked Documents is an ideal companion to Call Recorder for GoldMine for deleting unwanted recordings etc. 

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