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The Complete Call Recording Solution for HEAT®


Seamless integration with HEAT® allows you to easily record and replay your calls. 

Record calls on demand, Record Calls Randomly or Record every call automatically.

All recorded calls can be accessed and played from the attachments section of the Call Ticket.

Optionally add descriptive references to your recorded calls. 

Call Recorder is sync aware.

The complete call recording solution for HEAT®.


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Ever wished you had recorded a call with a difficult client, or kept a detailed record of the resolution to a complex issue? Well, now you can with Call Recorder for HEAT®. Like all Papillon Technology computer telephony products Call Recorder is seamlessly integrated with HEAT®, making it straightforward and easy to use. If you want to record a call, simply click the Record option from the icon in your system tray. Recording your telephone calls is a breeze. You can choose to record every call, record calls randomly or just record on demand.

Recordings are assigned a unique file name and automatically linked to the HEAT® Call Ticket. Optional settings allow you to add descriptive references to recorded calls. Call Recorder for HEAT® will work with any digital or analog telephone handset and is a fraction of the cost of traditional call recording technology .

In order to use Call Recorder for HEAT® all you need is a telephone so that you can make and take calls, a copy of HEAT® and a laptop or desktop PC with a soundcard. That’s all you need, install the Call Recorder software and you are good to go. You will be recording calls in a few minutes.

You can choose to use Call Recorder as a standalone solution or as a fully integrated additional feature in Tapi Link for HEAT®. Click on Frequently Asked Questions or to contact us for more details - click here.


To download the information sheet on Call Recorder For HEAT® click here.



To download documentation on the UK Call Recording Laws click here.



To download documentation on the US Call Recording Laws - One party Consent click here.



To download documentation on the US Call Recording Laws - All Party Consent click here.



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Seamless HEAT® integration




Applications of this product include~

Internal Help Desk -

record calls for training and quality assurance purposes

External Help Desk - record calls to provide billing support

Help Desk - Ensure accuracy of data collection

Help Desk - record all calls for playback by staff handling escalations

Customer Service Representatives - record all service/support calls for quality assurance




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