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Call Centre Services - winning YOU more business

In the time it takes you to read this page, we could have already CLOSED A SALE on your behalf!

Papillon Technology are the market leader in the planning, development & delivery of converged solutions for the call centre environment. Our Cambridgeshire based call centre boasts the latest technology in telemarketing software and telephony hardware. Furthermore, our call centre integrates cutting edge broadband internet and VoIP technology to provide superb telemarketing solutions. All of the Papillon Technology developed products are used within our campaigns maximising efficiency, value for money and Return On YOUR Investment!

Our senior multi-disciplinary team of specialists in sales, marketing, IT and telecommunications are able to offer bespoke solutions for your business. We employ excellent high-calibre experienced agents who are thoroughly briefed and directly involved in the management and feedback of your campaign.

Our general services include the following areas of expertise:

Lead Generation

Appointment Setting

Database Cleansing

Event Promotion and Enquiry Follow Through

Market Research

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Client Retention / Subscription Renewal

Database Selection and List Brokering

Lead Generation – Papillon Technology cold call on your behalf to source valuable prospects for further qualification by your sales team or task our experienced telemarketing consultants with closing your sale over the phone.

All leads that require immediate action will be forwarded to the client on a daily basis. Upon completion of the project we will submit a report summarising the results of the campaign and will include any relevant conclusions or recommendations.

Appointment Setting - Papillon Technology understand that the best way to develop a relationship between two companies is to arrange a face to face meeting with a senior decision-maker.
We will arrange meetings for the client to present their business model to the correct person within an organisation. We also understand that these meetings must be undertaken with the most senior decision-maker possible qualified for need, budget, timescale, budget authority and technical fit.

We will coordinate all diaries and manage the pipeline of appointments for its Clients. All you need to do is close the sale at the meeting! 

Database Cleansing – B to B databases typically go out of date by 31% annually and require regular verification. We call at all levels ensuring an accurate database of Decision Makers.

Events Promotion and Enquiry Follow Through – Papillon call prospective clients to boost attendance at conferences, seminars and exhibitions. We also follow up enquiries made at the event building the pipeline for future sales.

Market Research – Our agents call your entire customer base and analyse your customer's perception of your products and services, enabling you to make more accurate business decisions and promote awareness.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys – We are experienced in building customer questionnaires and conducting telephone interviews and statistically representative sample groups.

Client Retention / Subscription Renewal – Customers defecting to the competition? Have us call your clients to reduce customer churn or resell the benefits of your products and services.

Database Selection and List Brokering - Target databases are the foundation stone of every successful direct marketing campaign and this is equally true for individual telemarketing campaigns or a rolling programme. It is important that careful consideration is given to the market sectors to be included, as this is critical to the overall success of the campaign.

We are able to source a number of databases, where segmentation can be completed using SIC codes, company size or turnover. Alternatively we have relationships with a number of third party database suppliers enabling segmentation to be carried out by segments such as hardware platform, key software applications, databases etc. Upon agreement of the database, the information will be added to a contact management database (typically Goldmine). A contact management system is used in order to record the history of activity for each target account and also to ensure appropriate call back deadlines are met.


Please call us on +44 (0) 1992 560487 for more information on the services we can provide.



Our Call Centre in Cambridgeshire boasts the latest technology in Telephony, Campaign Management and Computer - Automated Dialing solutions


To visit our Call Centre and see the latest technology in action Click Here or call us on +44 (0) 1992 560487




Our team of professional dedicated outbound agents will ensure that you get the results you need !


Maximise your investment by using a Call Centre Services company that employs the latest technology to achieve greater productivity.


Integrated Outbound Dialing Solutions using Power Dialer for maximum return on investment.


Sophisticated Inbound Solutions using Tapi Link for better handling of your customer's Calls.


Rapid data collection using the latest in Call Scripting Technology and Automation.


Fax and E-mail Broadcasts using sophisticated CRM technologies.


Quantitative & Qualitative call campaigns can be accommodated.



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