Managers Console the ultimate tool for Telemarketing/Telesales Managers

Tapi Link / Power Dialer Managers Console


Instantly view all or any agents' call statistics.


View current agent status, who they are talking to, how long they have been talking etc.


View the number of calls completed so far, the number of calls left in Power Dialer's Call Queue etc.


Record agent's calls on demand.


Remotely start or stop call campaigns for selected individuals or the entire team.


Rapidly arrange or reorganize agent Call Lists. 


Change all or any users call management remotely.


View, print and export detailed logs of all calls made and received.


Create pre-defined agent templates for specific campaigns.


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Take control of your agents' call environment.

Just click to re-organize an agent's outbound call list, view up-to-the-minute call statistics, check and print call logs, and manipulate agents' workloads to match individual skill sets and to meet changing priorities.

Need to refocus an agent to a new campaign? It's a snap with Managers Console.

Need to check a trainee's telephone skills? Simply click to view the relevant contact record or just click on "Record" to save the call recording for playback.

All of this happens in real-time - so you can rapidly assess the results and adjust agents' workloads to meet the changing needs of different call campaigns and staffing levels.

The Managers Console is a simple-to-use yet powerful tool for monitoring and optimizing your agents calling patterns. It is ideal for large call centre environments, sales teams and small telemarketing units.

                                 Monitor - Measure - Modify - Manage 



View the action live on the currently running call campaign with the Wallboard running in real-time.



OR look back in time and generate a comprehensive call report from the past - using the Historic Wallboard.




Remotely monitor the team's stats and productivity, constantly updating in real-time on the Wallboard

or place the Wallboard on general display for the whole team to view their changing positions in the league.


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The ultimate companion to Tapi Link for GoldMine.., Power Dialer for GoldMine. ., and Call Recorder for GoldMine.. for Call Centre Managers and Team Leaders. 





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